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Originally Posted by GVN*2FLY View Post
I drove the X3M Comp at a M Town Tour stop as well and also thought it 'lagged' right off the line. However, I'm starting to really wonder what the 40-100 mph and 40-120 mph times are like compared to F80 and F87. These splits are meaningful to me because the slowest turns at my track (MSR Houston) are in the 40-45 mph range onto straights that reach 100-130 mph before braking zones.

My F87 did everything very well at MSR Houston with the exception of pulling down those straights. F80 Comps, GT4s, Mustangs, Vettes, etc all pulled away from me in significant fashion on those straight aways under full throttle.

While I felt the lag we're all referencing, I definitely felt planted and believe the X3M Comp has incredible handling. I'm hoping/expecting the stock F97 will do sub 1:50 laps at MSR Houston. I was able to consistently post 1:49s in my f87. I think it's very possible and hope to try it out sometime this fall.
I've spent a lot of time trying to research your question, GVN*2FLY, but there just isn't enough documented info online to answer your question (at least that I could find). The easiest way it seems is to compare interval times on formal drag slips, which is what I usually look at when considering performance. The problem in this analysis, though, is understandably most folks who own the M2, M3, or M4 series take it to a track and not the drag strip. Hard to put the power down initially, but if one looks at the interval times, especially after the 330' mark, then those traction issues should fall by the wayside and rough comparisons can be made.

And to your question, it has also been incredibly difficult to find pure stock runs, as it seems most who go to the strip have, once again understandably, done mods.

So here is the only one I was able to find which compares a stock 2015 F80 at ATCO back in 2014, and that had a DA -350, so not a direct atmospheric comparison but useful, nonetheless.
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