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Originally Posted by torzeck View Post
Nahoa and WTT, I hope you guys are right, but my car was built in late April and I know I don't have variable dampers. I special ordered the sport suspension (stiffer springs and shocks) similar to what's offered in other countries. I do have the the toggle.

Also here is Judd Holland's post where he covers this.

Again I hope WTT And Nahoa*are right, but when was the change implemented?

*Nahoa, if you're right I have been hosed as well.
Interesting, this is the first I heard that one can special order the sport suspension, which is technically not offered in the U.S.

Originally Posted by Want the thrill View Post
I beg to differ. Do you have a 35i without the DHP? I do and you CAN feel the change in the suspension when switching to sport mode. A picture also comes up on the I-drive showing that the suspension is changing to sport mode. Per the owners Manual: "SPORT MODE": "Consistently sporty tuning of the SUSPENSION for greater driving agility with maximum driving stabilization".

I'm so sick of having to re-hash this!
Want the thrill - You don't have the DHP, and it seems you don't have M Sport either, so there's no way you have the electronic damper control - unless BMW gives you a nice freebie. Take off a wheel and check the suspension part.

Again, electronic damper control is not a cheap option (Performance Control and Variable Sport Steering are cheaper - check BMW UK), and BMW doesn't offer free lunch.