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Originally Posted by Want the thrill View Post
Mole7374 is doing the same thing with friends he has at headquarters (who have ties to those in engineering). Hopefully we can get an educated answer and put this to rest.
Yes the billion dollar question is how....and I think that until we get a difinitive answer on "how" it's going to be hard for everyone to actually accept an explanation...and honestly I think that's valid b/c with all the confusion there need to be a "horses mouth" answer.

As WTT pointed out I'm also going through one of my contacts to try and get some questions lobbed into some engineering people she knows (not that I know) in Germany. She's been at BMWNA like 16 years and a few times in the past I've seen her be able to get specifics "how to" answers from folks.

If you guys have very specific questions shoot them over in this thread and what I'm going to do is compile a top 5-8 question list to send over...they need to be fairly short and specific questions a not be related to futures or anything like that. One time I was denied an answer on a "how does this work" question b/c they basically said "that's giving away the recipie to the cake". We'll see...