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Originally Posted by LEDZEP View Post
So, now that several folks probably have this snap-in, what is the consensus? Worth it? I currently have a Droid but plan to switch to iPhone 4 very soon, and then me and my wife will both have iPhone 4's. Seems in that case that taking full advantage of the integration makes sense (yes, I have 6NR and Tech Package).

My understanding of the benefits of the cradle are:

1. Better cellular reception via the shark fin
2. Ability to use the Genius and similar functions for music
3. Enhanced iPhone/iPod look and feel in iDrive
4. Video playback (while in park)
5. Better Internet Radio (i.e. Pandora) integration

Am I missing anything or incorrect on the above? Any reviews/opinions from users welcome.
Yes, all correct to my knowledge. You've paid for 6NR so go for it. What are you waiting for?

Using a cradle also means no USB cable hanging around, somewhere to put the iphone when connected, and that the USB socket in the armrest is free to use for anything else like an iPod or flash drive

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