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Originally Posted by Lotus7 View Post
No, and a few people on this forum have complained that they really don't like to feel the slight deceleration "surges" as the transmission downshifts through each gear. The X3 seems to stay in a fully locked torque converter mode until the engine drops below 950 rpm so you can feel every downshift as opposed to vehicles that let the converter unlock and cushion or decouple the downshifts. A throttle blip might help a little, but would probably violate BMWs attempt at squeezing every possible btu from each pound of fuel.

I havent found it to be at all objectionable, but then Im used to driving 3-pedal manuals much of the time and it seems natural to be able to feel the engine compression slowing the car down.
Well that's too bad. I was hoping it would rev match like my current 335i auto does. Must be for fuel economy reasons.
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