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Thanks! Although I really try, I'm too often guilty of forgetting that different countries have vastly different versions of cars with the same names, and that car manufacturers sometimes seemingly, without any obvious reason change configurations at will.

One of our US car rags, "Car and Driver" (May, 2011) just published a comparison road test of the Audi TT RS, the BMW 1-Series M Coupe and the Infinity IPL G37. The Audi ran away with the 0-60 mph acceleration segment with a time of 3.6 sec. (BMW was 4.5 and the Infinity was 5.4). However in the fine print of the article, C & D stated that the Audi was a European model with a DSG transmission with Launch Control. They then go on to state that the US version won't be available with either the DSG or Launch Control, completely negating all of their acceleration comparisons. Oh well.
Heh, and just to add to confusion, if you order my current car (135), there's manual, DCT and automatic! How's that for choice!
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