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ZXF Package Help - bluetooth

Having read most of the comms technology threads I thought I understood what you get/can do with the (UK) media pack Ė prof multimedia (ZXF). I have just added to my spec. and took some other stuff off. However, I donít understand a few details of what I am expecting to be able do and, as we all agree the technology section of the BMW inline or print stuff is very poor in detail.

I would be grateful if more experienced members can tell me why, when I check the ZXF option pack on the config I still have 2 other cost adder options for Bluetooth. They are immediately below the last option on the screen shot. Why is the ZXF pack Bluetooth different to the S06NK bluetooth cost option with audio? The media pack ZXF has audio (I thought) as I can play test messages in audio?

The features on Bluetooth I want are: hands free cell phone calling, pairing iPhone or BB, playback if MP3 from smart phone, viewing text messages on the HD screen and contact/number lookup on the HD screen. Can I work these features without further cost options?
I am aware of 6NR and 614 internet and the fact that these are separate options. I canít see a personal value in these for my lifestyle despite extensive discussion in the forum, however, I have been converted by the forum to the ZXF.
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