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M Package, US getting screwed?

-No Carbon Black color option?
-This is probably a general M Package thing, but whats with the rear bumper? They said they painted it the body color but all they did was move the black color down to where the exhaust is (part than is normally body color on the regular version) and the part that normally is black is now colored, what was the point of that?
-And no Performance tire option, only all season? Why the @#$% would I want all season tires on 19" wheels?

I think most people getting the M Sport and 19" wheels want summer tires and will swap them out in the winter with winter tires/wheels. To not even give us that option is horrible.

and to make it worse, if you get the basic sport package you CAN get performance tires on 19" wheels for $600 extra, I also personally think those wheels look better than the standard 19" on the M Sport. Something is really odd here.

EDIT: I also just went to the UK site, built a M Sport and put the 369M wheels on it, they look COMPLETELY different than the same 369M Wheels the US site shows Hmmm, strange, so I built a 28i and put the sport package on it, which is the 307 wheels, and they are identical to what the M Sport shows with the 369M wheels, so basically what ever idiots run the BMW US site, didn't put the right wheels on the M Package for the builder pictures, guess that would be tough given they only had 1 extra month to put it all together than the Euro sites had...

BMW USA, Get your sh*t together.

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