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Building X3. Need some advices

Greetings for all the members of this forum from Russia
It seems I'm a first man from this country writing here
In Russia we have very few persons owning new X3 and thus I cannot get enough information about that car on local forums.
Now I'm an owner of "old" X3 3d (E83) and I like the car very much, but I don't want to drive the same car for decades.
I don't want to change a car manufacturer and car size, so my next cars will most likely be BMW X3 (F25) with 3 liter diesel.
Now I'm trying to understand which exterior and interior colors and which options will my next car have.
I'm making a choice between Alpine White and Mineral Silver exterior colors and between Oyster and Beige interior colors.
The combination of Mineral Silver and Oyster that is presented in BMW promotional pictures looks very nice but in that case the interior has black bottom anyway and I prefer Beige as it has Beige bottow and this makes an interior more warm and light.
Then, I want to have 19" wheels, style 309, but here we have a lot of bad roads, and I don't want to drive without a comfort. Those, who drive F25 with 19" wheels, could you tell me your impressions - how hard is the car on such wheels?
The second questions is about sport sits - does it make sense to order them?
Who drive cars with or without sport sits - tell me your impressions, please.
I'll be happy if anyone helps me