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Originally Posted by sfax View Post
Ouch! Don't worry though, I have a plan to expedite UK X3 deliveries.

1. Wait until May when Obama comes to the UK (

2. Kidnap him

3. Tell America that they're not having him back until they honour their so called special relationship with the UK and fast track all UK orders at Spartanburg
First of all, coming from someone who is loving his new X3, and who also has the highest regard for anything British, especially little green cars that tend to leak fluids, you have my sincere condolences for having to endure such long waits. Waiting 7-weeks for mine was a test of patience for me..

However, even though I like Mr Obama and what he's trying to do for my country, you might find your plan backfiring if implemented. There are plenty of Americans who would probably be very happy to trade Mr. O. for a boatload of new X3's. Be careful what you wish for!