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Originally Posted by sfax View Post
I know the UK is generally disliked the world over, particularly in Europe (see recent Eurovision Song Contest results), but it's still quite disappointing to see that some of our newly ordered and eagerly anticipated X3s (and X5s etc) sail right past Southampton on their to Bremerhaven, when surely offloading the UK order cars at Southampton first would save some fuel They then go up to Sweden and Belgium before popping in at Southampton on their return trip to the US

Below is Elektra, now on her way to Gothenburg. No offence to the guys in Stockholm, just envy
hi sfax by the time you get your x3 it will have done 5000 miles the suspence of it actually getting to the UK must be really starting to get to you .but i,m sure the wait is going to be worth it.I,ve had 3 p reviuos x3 and drive an x1 at the moment ,but i am really looking forward to getting the F25 more than any previous BMW .the 14th feb is only next week and you should get a call from your dealer shortly after .good luck