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Originally Posted by sfax View Post
Are you sure you have the right VIN? You can check that it is likely to be valid using this (just in case your dealer read it out incorrectly). There are no letter Os incidentally, only 0s

I would say that if you have the correct VIN and WW says not found, it's not on the Elektra or the Oberon but I might be wrong (and I really hope I am with respect to your X3!).

Re. position, this mid-atlantic position is about right for an 11 day sail so it appears on schedule for Bremerhaven on 7/2/2011 and ultimately Southampton on 14/2/2011.

Oberon's schedule is UA050-OBE which is

CHARLESTON,SC U.S.A. 21/01/2011 21/01/2011
BREMERHAVEN GERMANY 01/02/2011 05/02/2011
ZEEBRUGGE BELGIUM 07/02/2011 07/02/2011
SOUTHAMPTON UNITED KINGDOM 08/02/2011 08/02/2011

Docked at Bremerhaven now looks correct and then it's Southampton on the way back as you said.

I don't think the dealers will get any update on their system until it arrives at Southampton (which is poor to say the least).

There are two more Charleston - Southampton voyages leaving 4/2 and 8/2 arriving 23/2 and 28/2, so if it's not on a ship yet, you should check on 5/2 and 9/2 for these using your VIN.

Good luck!
thanks for your help sfax ,will keep checking