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UK Orders

Thought I'd start a thread for tracking UK orders (or trying to!). My case is as follows so far

24 Oct 2010 - ordered
25 Nov 2010 - given production week 3
7 Dec 2010 - changed to production week 2
7 Jan 2011 - told no more amendments could be made as order has been accepted but car not yet "physical". Given VIN and production number
10 Jan 2011 - estimate for start of production
14 Jan 2011 - departed plant status on BMW dealer's system
15 Jan 2011 - given production status of "departed plant" as at 14 Jan, delivery still expected to be early Feb but no confirmed delivery date
24 Jan 2011 - told car still at status "departed plant"
24 Jan 2011 - WW status: booked
26 Jan 2011 - checked Wallenius Wilhelmsen Track and Trace using VIN and found car
26 Jan 2011 - WW status: received at terminal
27 Jan 2011 - WW status: loaded on vessel
27 Jan 2011 - departed Charleston (not confirmed but ETD on WW)
11 Feb 2011 - dealer called to say car now in the UK (it's in Gothenburg according to WW!)
11 Feb 2011 - WW status: Liner Release, Customs Release
14 Feb 2011 - Elektra sailed into Southampton on schedule
15 Feb 2011 - WW status: Discharged
18 Feb 2011 - Call from dealer to arrange delivery for next week.
19 Feb 2011 - Available for collection
22 Feb 2011 - Picked up - here she is photos

Total time from day order placed to delivery: 121 days (4 months).
Time from start of production to delivery: 43 days (6 weeks)
Time from "departed plant" status to first positive search on WW Track and Trace: 12 days

It is isn't possible to track your X3 online. Even if you register on and enter your VIN or your production number, neither are recognised. The same applies to the production videos unfortunately.

Your only option is to keep calling the dealer and asking him to check on his system but when that is stuck on departed plant for 11 days, you aren't left with much.

BMW use Wallenius Wilhelmsen to ship the X3s from Charleston to Southampton and their schedule is here:

Once your X3 is on a ship you can then use this link

Click Track and Trace and then enter your full VIN (17 characters) as Cargo ID. When it is found, you'll see Voyage Details and Status Details, like below.

When you know which ship it's on and if you really want to you can also trace its exact location using instructions here

The VIN tracking is a bit hit and miss and there are two other forum members whose X3s were on the same boat (ELEKTRA) who were both unable to track using the VIN. If you can't find it on WW 4 weeks after it went into production, you probably won't be able to track it.

If anyone else has any more to add or thinks any of this is wrong, please update!
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