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Originally Posted by Bimmerforlife View Post
Wow, been waiting for these pics to surface. To be honest the rear looks great, in fact I think it looks "less" boxy looking in the rear, dare I say more curves? Yeah I really like the rear and side, however the front is good but those headlights hold it back from being great. Why did they make them like that, where is the signature eyelid like on the 3 series?

The interior looks great to me in fact the iDrive (without the hump) looks fantastic. I know this is a scan but that wood looks cheap too shiny and plasticky. I hope they offer aluminum or a nice grey wood.

Can't wait for tomorrow's pics.

Edit: Hey thanks for the videos. #2 video shows it has white electro illuminicent speedo, what happen to red signature BMW?
Yeah I was wondering about the same thing looking for ex. at the odo seems white? I really liked the signature"" bmw red dash maybe a small thing for some big thing for me can't imigane why they would change that electronics can come in any color