Thread: Future BMW X4?
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You people are so self-aggrandizingly delusional. BMW's core business is sports cars? Get a clue, BMW's core business is selling badged cars to wealthy housewives.

The fact that BMW uses that money to PAY to research cars like the M3 is something you should all be thankful for. You all bitch and moan all day about how BMW is losing its way, yet the most recent M3 by all practical measurements has been considered the greatest affordable sports car ever made. The Z4S is basically as M as a Z4 needs to be and its a hard top so who needs a coupe?!

The X6 did not kill BMW, it made them lots of money, as did the X5 before that when everyone was crying that BMW's SAV will ruin the name.

The fact is, BMW right now makes the greatest cars their company has even seen, and they are getting even better and more diverse.

Some of the fools here think that a factory that just pumps out M3's all day would make a lot of money.

Now BMW: Bring on the X4 and Z2 and you've got two new cars in my garage in 3 years.