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I don't know what to think Why all these new models? The X1 doesn't look like it's a success, well at least here that is. They are working on the new X3 which I think is going to be a nice looking car. So IMO X3 and X5 will do. Also read rumours about a grand coupe or something, based on the 3 series or 5 series? The 5 series GT is not a great selling car either and I doubt it will ever be as people who are into 5 series will get the new 5 I think. Why adding all those new models? 2 series, X4 the X1 already, I don't get it But hell what do I know

Edit, I forgot to mention the X6 I somehow like that car but it is being regarded here as a useless car and as one of the ugliest cars. Well I don't agree on the ugly part and I think looks are personal but I can agree a bit with it being useless. Not a car that is sold much here, but it also is really €€€€.

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