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hmmm... okay okay definitely a step in the right direction here.

The problem is the whole profile of the original wheel/tire package is just too small for the vehicle. It just doesn't have that beefy look. I think it needs thicker tires ON THESE WHEELS to fill out the wheel wells a bit. Not monster truck stuff, but at least I'd say something like a 50 series tire... and then to ensure it doesn't have some kidna jacked up monster truck look, maybe an inch or so drop. no slamming, no hella flush, just enough to bring it back into proportion.

I think this is one of the biggest reasons the production version was such a let down from the Concept for me.

I wish I could find the pics, but someone did this concept on an X1... and it totally transformed the look from being a puny tall wagon, to something that seems like an actual SUV. (even though its not) just had the right stance/proportion.

someone will do it some day.