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Thumbs up One of the first BMW X4 in Sweden delivered

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Yesterday my father picked up his brand new X4, the first in Scania (southest part of Sweden), and one of the first in Sweden overall. He went from an F11 520D with M-sport package. Loved that car in every way. Haven't had time to give it a deep test yet, but according to my first impressions, this is a truly amazing car! I also have to say that it is more spacious than what I thought it would be. It is so tiny when you look at it, but I'm 2m tall (about 6'6"), and can sit comfortably everywhere, even in the back, i have about 2cm to the roof when sitting in the rear. That really impressed me. Trunk capacity is also okay.

Going from the 520d to the x4 3.0d of course makes the power feel enormous. And the sound, oh god the sound. Going from the 2.0d that sounded very smooth and could purr a bit, to the 3.0d that ROARS, love it! And it just go's, it's so fast.

Will do a deeper review when my dad let's me borrow the car (hopefully soon). Until then I will post the specifications and will post some images I shot at the dealer as soon as I get the possibility. Will post an video of the rollout soon also. The images is from my iphone for now, will take some real images with my DSL when possible!


X4 3.0d xDrive
Sport automatic transmission
Melbourne red
M-sport package
19" 622M rims - 275/40R19 rear, 245/45R19 front
Leather nevada beige
Walnut fine-wood trim
Heated steering wheel
Rear hook (couldn't figure out the english translation, sorry ^^)
Bluetooth professional
Tinted rear windows
Electric seat adjustment

Maybe missed something but you get some idea about what type of car it is.

Here is some images

And a rollout video...

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