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Rolled past 2000 kms this weeekend, and its only my third wash I think.

The premium audio (12 speaker) has definitely broken in after initial use. It sounds much better now. I'm also opening up the engine every so often and it's a great little unit. Pretty thirsty though as can be observed in my fuelly icon in signature (avg 11.3L/100km, even with moderated mixed driving).

I can hear the turbo (diverter valve?) whistle off throttle on the freeway, only showed up this week, perhaps due to warmer temperatures?

Nits and nags:
1-the power tailgate refuses to latch some times,
2-the engine restarts itself sometimes (battery charge? a/c compressor kicking in?),
3-the stupid RANDOM feature on the media player resetting itself.
4-subwoofers "pop" on main ignition. Likely due to sequence of power up (should be amps before subs, not the other way around). Just watch them blow after warranty expires.
5-I've also observed the car shut itself off completely if I've popped it into Neutral, seat belt off, door open, Auto Stop kicked in, and need to press the Ignition for a restart (ie when reaching for a gate fob reader).

Last bit probably is not a gremlin, but a programming trait that we have to live with.
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