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Experience With X3 Led Me To Get Extended Warranty

Just traded in my 2004 X3 3.0 with 110,000 miles on it for a 2013 X3 iDrive35i and had to get the extended warranty, BMW's Maintenance Program Upgrade for an additional 5 years on top of the basic BMW all expenses paid program.

Since I keep my cars for a while, my earlier X3 toward the end of it's stay with me showed multiple error lights indicating my transfer case was going at 110,000 miles and nine years of ownership. At that point I was looking at potentially a $4-5,000 repair. Instead I traded the car in, didn't get anything for it in return because of it's problem.

Got a new 2013 X3 iDrive 35i and decided to pay for the Maintenance Program Upgrade so am covered for nine years in case this problem occurs again. Though it could be a waste of money if the car gets totaled, for example, I at least have the peace of mind that I'm covered for as long as I owned the previous iteration.

The upgrade cost $4,000 which is much less than five years of maintenance plus a possible new transfer case.