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Lightbulb BMW Says BMW X4 Sportier Than X3 and Comes Next Year. Many More X Models Rumored

BMW Says BMW X4 Sportier Than X3 and Comes Next Year. Many More X Models Rumored
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* Image used in this article is a 100% speculative render, by Autobild *

In case you missed it in the recent statements by the BMW CEO, the BMW X4 SAV is confirmed to be hitting the market in 2014.

Also being confirmed by BMW is an already well-accepted fact - that the upcoming X4 will be built solely at the U.S. Spartanburg plant, which already produces the X3, X5 and X6. The X1 is built in Europe (or in China for the Chinese market).

"I need more capacity in Spartanburg, not only for the upcoming X4, but also for the current X range," Ian Robertson, BMW's board member for marketing and sales, recently told Automotive News. The plant is currently undergoing expansion as part of a plan by BMW to invest nearly 900 million USD in the plant by 2014. This will expand Spartanburg's annual capacity from almost 300,000 units last year to 350,000 units. Robertson says that the company could have sold 35,000 more X3s worldwide if the Spartanburg plant had been able to build them.

He also says that the X4 will be sportier than the X3 and will complement the X3, without cannibalizing sales, as the X6 has complemented sales of the X5. "With the X6 we attract a completely different buyer from the X5 and we expect the same happening for the X4 versus the X3."

X Model Sales

X models experienced brisk global sales last year, with X1 sales rising 17% to 147,776 units, X3 growing 27% to 149,853 units, X5 sales increasing 4% to 108,544 units and X6 sales rising 7% to 43,689 units.

X4 M and Future X Models?

What about a possible range topping X4 M model? It's still too early to tell. Although BMW M President Dr. Friedrich Nitschke previously confirmed to us that there would be no M version of the current X3 model, he left open the possibility of there being one for the next generation X3. Will this be a case of the X4 getting an M model prior to the X3 getting one? We shall see.

The X4 will not be the end of BMW's X SAV expansion, with several models still rumored to come, including a flagship X7. Per BMW insider Scott26:
Originally Posted by Scott26

...we will be making further X vehicles over the current X1 , X3 , X5 and X6. About another 7 models are planned. Including an additional model for the X3.