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Originally Posted by 3Bimmer View Post
I don't wish to rain on your parade, daveycrocket, but do you have all of this in writing yet? The cargo net retrofit involves removing the headliner and cutting holes in it where the mounting points go -- two right behind the front seats and two above the cargo cover area. It is great that BMW and your dealer have agreed to do this, but I find it remarkable that they would do all that work for $138. I would get a clarification on what they are going to do and the exact scope of the work before proceeding.

Good luck with the retrofit. I agree that the cargo cover is not explained at all well by BMW. Others have gotten dinged by this, too.
A little drizzle is always good for a reality check. I do not have anything in writing and have contacted the dealer directly about the response I've received from BMWNA. It appears based on a email sent to Kuni BMW that they never talked with anyone with BMWNA so the dealership is going back to them for the complete history of the issue.

Just to put it out there I've been very patient and willing to wait for calls back from BMWNA and the dealership alike. I must say the dealership is being very honest and direct with me which is my preference. I'm not a beat around the bush kind of person which is what gets irritating. So my hats off to them. BMWNA also has been very polite and accommodating however I'm starting to feel they've only told me what I need to hear to smooth things over not that anything is being blown out of proportion.

Today I was told that my X3 cannot even be optioned with the load space divider. Then why is it offered on the website?

If anyone has it installed could you snap a photograph of it extended and latched to the ceiling of your X3? That may help my case.

I'll keep you posted as to the results in the coming weeks.
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