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Originally Posted by Bmwlvr60 View Post
Yes, but no loaner from dealer you don't buy car from. You should give your local dealer an opportunity to match whatever price you got. That's what I did and they were initially the highest of 5. Win, win. They get your business on the buy, the service and you have a local dealer for everything. You'd find they'd be more loyal to you. My dealer is my car wash too. I'm there at least twice/month- another perk.
Glad to hear BMW service centers are usable by any warrantied BMW owner for both warranty work and routine service. I would prefer a local dealer, hopefully my emails and call going unasnwered has a reasonable explanation and I will hear from them soon.

I remember when buying my last car the dealer in town trying to dissuade me from going out of town saying something like he wouldn't give up local for less than a five hundred dollar savings, too bad the dealer 40 minutes away that I had bought my previous car from saved me over a grand compared to that guy's deal.