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Originally Posted by ch35iM View Post
I think the premium pack should be standard, maybe without the leather. Ambiance lighting I think is a must especially if you drive at night a lot. Also I don't know if your interested in the pano moonroof but if you are along with the xenons.. Those equipped on a 28i makes the price difference with the 35i only like 2k with all that and more standard...

Ok I'm getting carried away, if your on a budget, why not check out the X1? That's quite a bit cheaper and just as cool IMO
Thanks for the response I have priced out the 35i and am considering that also depending how pricing goes but the 28i engine seems to do well powering the vehicle. As for the X1 seems a bit small IMO though very nice. As for budget what I meant I have an idea in mind what I am willing to spend for a new vehicle and the X3 falls into that category.