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Thanks for the responses, I am new to BMW and the car shopping experience is a bit different from other brands though so far it's been going well. I have a budget and am trying to find vehicles/options that fit my range. Other vehicles I also am checking out are the new Grand Cherokee Limited, Acura RDX, Audi Q5 and Toyota Highlander limited. The Highlander I know and it's about to be redesigned somewhat for 2014, the Grand Cherokee seems like a great vehicle that can go off-road some but I am not sure about the quality and interior seemed small for the size of the vehicle compared to my Highlander, also the 2014 model is due to start showing up soon with the 8 speed transmission. The Audi Q5 seems like a great vehicle but not sure about 2.0t engine power and the looks that a lot of people love don't resonate with me the same. Acura RDX nice vehicle but the AWD system doesn't seem that robust and again the design/feel doesn't resonate with me like the others.

I have contacted SiriusXM about transferring my current XM to a BMW. I will await their answers.

As for the seats glad to hear it's not a big difference though I do like the feel of the leather a bit better and the silver(white?) stitching is a nice touch. Not sure if I need the added 4 way lumbar yet.

I am hoping to do an extended test drive soon.