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Originally Posted by Briant73 View Post
I'm new to this forum and BMWs overall but am looking at possibly purchasing a new X3 to replace a 2010 Toyota Highlander SE. I know there are a lot of threads of this sort (which I have read over) but still had questions and hoping you guys are willing to share your knowledge with me. I like my 2010 Highlander overall but wanted to see what was out there and so far the X3 and a few others have caught my attention so on to my questions -

Sounds like 2014 are about to ramp up, does BMW give incentives on last year model after the new model year rolls out?

Yes, new car prices always drop when next year's model comes out.

I see a lot of people mentioning a good deal is usually $500.00 over invoice, does factory ordering a new vehicle negate the usual deal? (I have had vehicles located but never factory ordered before)

No- that's about what I paid on a factory order model that took less than 3 weeks to receive. The dealer may do better with a leftover model on the lot.

How long do all season run flats usually last? I do more city driving and where I live we get all four seasons. I did test drive after a snow storm with some roads still not in great shape and it was decent handling.

Happy with snow performance of all-seasons run flats. Brand new- don't know about lasting time.

Is there a seat comfort difference between the standard leatherette and leather with lumbar support? I have test drove both versions and so far have not been able to get comfortable both my left leg and lower back has bothered me afterwards. I'm 5' 8" and weigh under 200 pounds so maybe this could just be adjusting to the contours of the seat and needing to find a better seat position but I know sometimes leather seats with lumbar can make a big difference. The dealer may arrange an extended test of an X3 so I can get a better idea about this.

Leather with Lumbar and sport seats are best.

I take it premium sound is a nice upgrade? The stock stereo ws OK but not great. I see satellite unless included in a package is not standard is that correct? Also I currently have an XM lifetime is that transferrable to BMW?

Premium sound is nice upgrade. Satellite is free for 1 year with purchase of pacakge. Don't know about transfer.

Xenon lights - reading here and talking to the dealer it sounds like this is a must have.

Must have- I'll never go back to non-Xenons. Lights up the rode so much better along with fogs. I don't use High beams much anymore

Can leather and wood interior trim be had without the premium package?

Go to "Build" on BMW website.

Alum brush vs Silver Matte - Hard to see much of a difference if I stick with leatherette between these but maybe there is?

Don't know.

Backup Camera - Does this camera have the ability to tell you how close you are to an object or just a camera view (says it may have static/trac lines on the website). Also is the backup camera in the tech package different from the stand alone option ?

There's an audible sound that increases with proximity. Same Camera.

40/20/40 rear seat over 40/60, is the only difference how it folds?

Yes, 40/20/40 gives you the ability to slide long items through between the 2 back seats like skis, golf clubs, etc. Also, 2 people may sit comfortably around the items in the back seat. I love this feature since we're skiiers and golfers.

I guess that's a lot of questions hope you all don't mind.
Yes, that alot of questions.
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