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Originally Posted by woodchuck1 View Post
I REALLY wish BMW would let people order cars equipped exactly the way they want them (not counting conflicting options, of course.) I thought computerized manufacturing was predicted to make things like that easy to do. I shouldn't have to buy multiple things I don't want just to get an item I do want, particularly when they're not related in any way. In my opinion, this was the least satisfying aspect of my recent purchase. The GMC truck I bought in 2000 was more customizable via the ordering process than this 2013 BMW, and that's a shame.
Well, in here we must order without any packages. Usually only package is "business", which covers standard options such as Xenon lights, light package and so on.

All other extras can be ordered individually, unless there is a conflicting extras.

Oh, and M package of course is available.

I guess it depends on how the marketing people see which is the best thing to do. My car was build to order, not bulky, but the delivery took 6 months!

Cheap cars like Opels and Toyotas have packages so they can make them bulky and deliver to sellers yard. Then seller just sells car from the yard, no delivery time.

To me it feels good to have "bespoke" car rather than bulky