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X3 option 6NL and 6NR retrofit (6FL-6NF misinformation) HELP !!

I am having a nightmare trying to retrofit or more more precisely, "trying to find out if I can" retrofit 6NR in my car.

I have an X3 production date October 2012 - it has combox + Bluetooth + professional Navi + Assist + Connecteddrive + + + what it does not have is BMW apps 6NR cause no one told me about it when I placed my order

Now it seems like for a proper 6NR retrofit I need Combox + Prof Navi + 6FL + 6NF but on my Vin check all I have is 6NL (no mention of 6FL or 6NF) which is strange as I can connect my iphone 4s via the USB in the centre console and get album art - I can even get album art if I use spotify or last FM and can control all from steering wheel and iDrive (move up or down playlist) ! - I also have a base plate in the centre console - but I have not bought a Snapin adapter yet (cause of the lack of knowledge of BMW parts guy or at least that's what I think.)

Now obviously if my USB port can show album art for even apps running on the phone, it can only mean 6FL is present also if I have a base plate (with gold connectors on it) can it also mean that I also have 6NF (I am not sure here... please correct me).

The service part guy said I can't buy the media snap in because I do not have 6FL (he did a vin check) - but now I am certain that I have 6FL cause this document actually proves it: (please check page 35 says 6FL is included in 6NL). So I am going back to the service guy to show him this doc.

The last part of the puzzle is 6NF - my vin does not mention this but I have the baseplate with proper gold connectors - again I believe this is also included in 6NL (but not sure) - the only mention of 6NF in the above document is on page 30 - says baseplate (only with 6NF) so my assumption that I have 6NF is the fact that I actually have a base plate in my car can anyone please confirm this?

I believe BMW have to have a long hard look at their option naming as it is a complete mess... a lot of us buying these expensive cars wouldn't care less about adding an important option if it only cost $150 (as is the case with 6NR for me) but because of their complete naming mess we miss out sometimes or think we missed out (as I think it is the case with me and my service guy)...

What I believe has happened here is that BMW has added a new option called 6NL which includes a couple of other options (6FL and 6NF) without making it completely clear to their dealers what it actually does or means....

Sorry about the long post.
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