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We also researched a ton and test drove multiple times...the X3 is just the most fun to drive and that was our number one criteria. Evoque was the slowest of the bunch and was ruled out because of the fixed sunroof that doesn't crack or open at all (seriously RR?). Loved how it looked inside and out though.

Q5 was close but ultimately when you begin adding options it's in x3 price territory. Also the Audi just wasn't as quick or fun, felt less agile, and the sales guy was a jerk. Also very "we don't really discount these cars" holier than thou BS. He kept referring to the discount as a "courtesy adjustment" which was very condescending made me feel less than wanted. Finally after deciding that if we were to go X3 we would get the M package, honestly the Q5 looks like a minivan in comparison. One big bubble, wifey didn't love it.

So we went with the most fun, agile, best looking (besides the XC60-r IMO, but that was ruled out for other reasons), and equally equipped car of the 3. Unfortunately most expensive, but not by much.