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I've not found a good comparison video. My opinion from researching these vehicles more than a human should. YMMV

Things I've found in my research about the Q5 that I like and that distinguish it from the X3:
The Navi is better liked by owners and has Google Maps integrated into it.
Monster front grill and intakes standard
You don't have to pay $2500 for a masculine looking front end deletion of the cheap looking black plastic body parts and rear bumper
Generally accepted better looking rear end
Hybrid powertrain available with performance of a V6
TDI powertrain arriving this summer
The window line stays straight at the C pillar like the X5
Doesn't force you to use run-flats. Has a compact spare.
2-way adjustable rear seats
Larger storage capacity
Only $500 to get sports seats

Things I like about the Evoque that distinguish it from the X3:
All exteriors designs look great
Interior design
Customizable roof color
Killer gear shifter
Off road capability

Things I like about the X3:
Kidney grille
Foot activated rear hatch
More compact rear compartment privacy cover

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