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Originally Posted by AnthonyB View Post
Hi All,

Just doing some research on options around upgrading F25 Base (Australian base - just 5 speakers, no amp!) sound system.

Have been looking here and bimmerfest and I've seen a few people asking but not so many answers or experiences just yet...

I had the upgraded sound system in my E90 3', and I'm naturally quite disappointed with the new X3 system - we were cutting costs and I regret that one a little! I'm ultimately looking for clarity and quality in a sound system, but given it's just a car not a listening room, there's a balance to be achieved.

So, a few questions to start with:

1) I have seen people are waiting on BSW packages - any news on when?
2) Even though I don't have the upgraded systems, is the wiring likely to be still in the car?
3) Any good installers in Sydney area that anyone can recommend?

Did you manage to upgrade your sound system? I also have an F25 with the base sound system. Wanted to just upgrade the door speakers and/or add tweeters but don't know if that's possible.
Where (in Sydney) did you take the car to for the upgrade? I wanted to take it to someone who I am sure know what they are doing.



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