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Originally Posted by JensM View Post
Update on my 'rattling'
I found out mine was also coming from the location where we have already now seen some pictures - when opening the hood and just pressing on the plastic below the windscreen it was easy to hear.
Before I got the chance to do something by my self, I had a small stone hitting the windscreen. I went to the appointed repair shop, both my self and they thought it was easy to repair, but after an examination they said the small crass in the glass was too big to repair and a new windscreen was needed. They changed the wind scree and by this operation they had to take all the mentioned plastic parts apart - and guess what: after assembling again the rattling have disappeared :thump:
A cupel of days after there were however a new rattle bt this time it came from the A-pillar, but after pressing on it quite hard it disappeared again. Now after two weeks and +3500 km (a long drive to Denmark and back again) there is still no rattles at all - I am very happy now
Mine have now been completely silence since above "fix". It appears that the noise was coming from the plastic parts below the screen & wipers.