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Originally Posted by noka View Post
What will prevent future "wear" and more noise later?
Apparently there is a plate that runs from outside the car to the inside of the car that was faulty. The outside portion channels water. I'm hoping that because the part was defective, the new part is not. It's been over a month and I haven't heard a peep. However, my car has been in the shop for a month total for loud rubbing noises around the doors. The seals around the doors have been completely replaced, however, the issue is still present. Does anyone have any experience with this issue? I have to take it in again for the fourth time to have this issue reviewed. It's driving the techs nuts because they can't pin it down. It gets REALLY LOUD when it gets humid outside. They thought replacing all of the rubber around the doors would solve the problem. Not so. We'll see.