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Originally Posted by Bmwlvr60 View Post
2013 X3 doesn't have memory 1 and memory 2 for lumbar support, but it does stay at the same setting it was last adjusted to. It doesn't revert to a default setting when one turns the engine off.

Memory 1 and memory 2 will save separate settings for side view mirrors and up/down/forward/back for driver's seat. Can't have separate settings for lumbar or side bolsters.
Hmmmm, so maybe there is an issue with mine then because it doesn't stay where I set it. The dealership says that that it is just an "X3 oversight" and that it is the only car in the line up that the lumbar support resets or defaults after the car is shut off. So you are saying that yours stays where you set it even after you turn your car off and then back on?