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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
If the F25 is as tire sensitive as the E83, I'd certainly be careful of changing tire profiles, particularly if you run a staggered setup.

There have been a lot of transfer box issues and drivetrain 'bunching' problems here in the UK in the E83, even changing from OEM 'star' approved tires. Usually gets back to wrong tire matching, even if using generic sizes.

Had a long discussion with the service manager at my dealership about this. He confirmed that with the E83 yes there where major issues with the transfer case in changing tyre size from the OEM size and there was in fact a service advice never to do it. However (in theory) the improved X-drive system of the F25 is understood to have improved on this situation. From delivery (18months and 30,000 km ago) I've been running slighly oversized tyres (235/60-17 rather than the OEM 245/55-17) without issue. But this is only a 1.8% difference in tyre OD compared with the 5.4% of the OP and the nearly 10% difference one guy was running with and had problems with the electronics as colson79 had noted.