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Very Worried

Hi guys .......... my first ever post. Would like to have started a new thread but need three posts first !!

I have a new X3 on order with my local dealer.I have been a VW driver for the past 10 years but chose this vehicle after reading the motoring press reviews which were very good.

I stumbled upon this forum which is causing me some considerable concern. Wind noise, steering rack problems appear to be amongst a number of faults that are being picked up by users.

I have 10 days under UK law to ask for my deposit back, should I be doing this?

I have no wish to be stuck with a vehicle that is going to cause problems especially as this is the most I have ever spent on a car.

Sincere apologies for this thread hi-jack but I dont have much time to make a decision and I wanted to get as much informed opinion as is possible.

I hope you will forgive my thread jack but also understand my reasons for doing so. I also hope that I will receive some reassuring replies or its off to the dealer for me !!!