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Originally Posted by northX3 View Post
It would be very hard to do such tightly knotted donuts with DSC and traction control on. I would be very happy to see a F25 X3 doing the same kind of stunt with everything on.

On the other hand, "looser" donuts will happen with the traction control off. The non-100%-defeatable stability control will allow you to slip, but WILL brake a wheel when you will get tighter donuts (ie : when the Audi spins around its center axis)

Do we really need a fully defeatable DSC with the X3 to have fun in the snow ? Probably not. It's not a STI after all. Most X3 drivers won't care. Even the new Golf R is not 100%-defeatable and is aimed at sportier-driving folks...
DSC is 100% defeatable, but DTC is on in it's performance-oriented setting when DSC is off. So you can't say all assists are necessarily off.