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Originally Posted by buze View Post
Can you alleviate the wear problem by keeping the clutch in, on manual transmissions ? even in neutral, the flywheel is still connected, unless you press the clutch.

That's a really old trick for cold starts too, as it reduce the inertia needed to start the engine...
The stop start will not work if you leave your foot on the clutch - with the manual box, you have to put the car in neutral, and release the clutch fully. As long as all of the other parameters have been met, the engine will switch off.

The moment you touch the clutch pedal, the car will restart. It catches really quickly, but I'd have thought that by the time it starts, you'll probably have the clutch full engaged. hopefully saving some of the additional stresses.

Just don't try to move the steering wheel with the engine stopped, as this will also prompt the engine to start again......
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