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Engine Issue- Car won't start/Smoke- Advice needed

Hi all, Looking for someone to chime in on this if they have had any experience with it.

My buddy has a 2005 2.5l X3 with about 150,000km on it.

The other day smoke started coming out of the exhaust, so he shut the car down. He tried to restart it and it wouldn't restart, but did restart with a boost. Once boosted, the smoke was still present, so he shut it down. He had it towed to his mechanic, and they suspect the head gasket.

The car has been well maintained and is in pretty much mint condition. Seems early/unexpected. My friend checked the oil after it wouldn't start (oil only changed a month ago) and it was new looking, black in colour- didn't see any contaminants.

To me it sounded like a failed CVV, but the shop thinks HG, but they are confirming now.

Anyone had a similar issue? Anyone have to replace their HG yet? What was the cost? Anyone have the failed CVV? Cost? Any an all input is appreciated.



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