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Originally Posted by TheMessengerImage View Post
I will keep this short two weeks ago we had a very similar error pop up on our x3 with 6k miles on it an then last night we get it again an then it went away later that night? Prior to this when the headlights were set to auto one fog light would be on an the other off (fog light button was off) what is going on here? Anyone else have these issues? (Can't add photo)
But it says "4x4 chassis stabilization drive moderately
Take to the nearest BMW service center or call"
I had this error message once (morning start up). It stayed on for the short (10 minute) journey, then disappeared and didn't reappear on next start up.

Car was maybe 5 months old (and about 5k miles?).

I phoned the dealer and they said if I got the same error message again to call again and take it in.