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Originally Posted by juddholland View Post
That means nothing, really. You can do donuts in the snow in any mode.
It would be very hard to do such tightly knotted donuts with DSC and traction control on. I would be very happy to see a F25 X3 doing the same kind of stunt with everything on.

On the other hand, "looser" donuts will happen with the traction control off. The non-100%-defeatable stability control will allow you to slip, but WILL brake a wheel when you will get tighter donuts (ie : when the Audi spins around its center axis)

Do we really need a fully defeatable DSC with the X3 to have fun in the snow ? Probably not. It's not a STI after all. Most X3 drivers won't care. Even the new Golf R is not 100%-defeatable and is aimed at sportier-driving folks...