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Originally Posted by Nahoa View Post
What do you base that statement on? There are many examples, including drives at the BMW factory that indicate you are incorrect.
First of all, the car won't do endless donuts either in normal or sport mode, unless traction control is disabled. If not, the computer will kill the throttle when the tires start to have fun !

Secondly, even with DSC on "off", there is still one wheel braking that occur once the yaw angle / speed sensor sense that there is too much oversteer for too long. Same thing happens with other cars, like the VWs, it's not a "real", 100% off, stability control. Try to drift a STI or an older AWD car, you won't sense this one-wheel braking trying to... break your fun.

Never went to the BMW factory, only lapping on tarmac and snow closed circuits. Is there any snow at the factory track ? The 100% DSC off vs 90% off difference thing is negligible if the car is not running on snow...