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Originally Posted by scotta2 View Post
How does the X3 drive as a "tug"? I've just moved to BMW from Volvo and dropped 20BHP, I would have liked the 3.0D but also liked all the toys so opted for the M Sport 2.0D. Have you got the factory fitted towbar or an after market type?
I find the X3 a very good tug. I have the 30D but am very confident that the 20D would have plenty of torque. (I have a 1350Kg MPTLM van).

Having the extra 30D torgue meant that Alpine Passes were fun

Using the available 100KG of Noseweight limit the setup is the most stable I have had for many years - I had an Avensis saloon before and it was a hopeless match.

I would not go for the BMW factory fit towbar as it will not have the Fridge supply & return wired in. BMW's response was that it follows BMW's standards, not some funny ISO standard!!!.
One dealer offered to correct this for only 800!, others offered to correct it (extra relay and wires) at no cost. Either way it would have meant running extra wiring alongside the factory wires into the back of the 13pin socket; With a risk of water ingress.

If you get the dealers to fit a bracket it will usually be the Westfalia BMW OEM bracket and electrics.
Your local Towbracket fitter will usually offer the same bracket and electrics much cheaper that via BMW (In any case my BMW Dealer outsources towbracket fitting to the fitter I have used for all my cars over the past 30 years).

As it its BMW OEM fitting, the Westfalia bracket and electrics fully integrate into the X3's electrics. I am very pleased with Westfalia's detachable bracket.