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Originally Posted by mibmwx3 View Post
Thanks scotta2. I just checked with soapy water, and there were no bubbles. If it looks like they'll just patch it, I can bring it to another Goodyear dealer much closer. I don't know how long it has been in my tire, so don't know how long I've already been driving on it.
I wouldn’t worry too much and it should certainly be driveable to where you can get it removed and plugged, but check the pressure again before you leave. The head has been rubbed quite smooth so its likely been there a while. In fact its quite a large flattish head which suggests it is probably a ‘tack’ and therefore quite short, rather than a screw. Also, it has gone in the thicker wedge of the tyre rather than the grove where it could possibly have pierced the tyre.

I had a similar situation last month on a brand new two day old winter tyre half way on a 1,000 mile journey between UK and Eastern Europe, but the 2 inch long screw went in the groove between the treads causing a puncture. I hate run-flats and carry a ‘plug kit’ which we used and managed to fit after extracting the screw, without even removing the wheel off the car; luckily it was near the middle of the tyre and not on the side so, is quite safe. Have done 3,000 miles since then and the repair is still OK.