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Headlight Washer Leak Temporary Repair


As posted earlier my headlight washer leaked over the past few weeks whenever it was below 10 F. I really don't like headlight washers and looked for a way to disconnect them. I eventually figured out as follows:

You can disconnect the headlight washer hose between the reservoir and the headlight washers as follows:
1. Relocate the washer fill nozzle (item 12 in below RealOEM link) from it's holder on the engine bay frame to get access behind the passenger side headlight.
2. Disconnect the passenger side headlight electrical connection.
3. Reach down beneath the passenger headlight and pull up on the headlight washer hose (item 9 in the below link) disconnect coupling (item 8) by pulling back on the sleeve and disconnect it. This is a quick disconnect coupling in the washer hose at this point. Washer fluid will pour out once disconnected.
4. Lift up the washer fluid hose and remove the 90 degree end coupling (item 8) to expose the bare rubber hose (I stuck two small screwdrivers on either side of hose to allow me to slide off the quick connect coupling).
5. Plug hose end (I had a small plug in my plumbing toolbox that worked).
6. I then stuck the loose hose up by the fill nozzle and put the fill nozzle and headlight electrical plug back on.

This disconnects the headlight washers and leaves the system open below the passenger headlight. My garage floor will no longer have a washer fluid puddle every morning! I'm not a fan of headlight washers. They always make your hood dirty and eventually leak... (this was a bit soon and I have no local dealer even though I am under warranty).

I hope to recode the ECU to stop the headlight washer pump from activating when you wash the windshield with the headlights on. I'll try to figure this out once I get my coding cable. Right now if actuated the headlight washers I would be dead-heading the headlight washer pump.

A few more tidbits:
- I originally removed the lower fairing / underbody panels and tried to fix the headlight washer from below the bumper. Access was a PITA. I ended up removing the lower side grill and going through the front bumper instead. It was terrible access. I now think it may have actually been accessible through the foglight (much easier). I can not tell how they are attached to the bumper because I would just replace the washer myself if easy to do.
- You can not access the washer reservoir and pumps from topside.
- I eventually figured out the only access to the reservoir was removing the fender liner. Unfortunately, I could only pull the liner back since I was afraid to break the fender liner pins. From this position I could not disconnect the washer motor electrical. I could see the reservoir and hoses though. In warmer weather this is fairly easy access to the reservoir and pumps once you remove the felt fender liner.

Anyway, not sure if this helps others but thought I would pass along my learnings.