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I have to say the nav system on the BMW is crap. My smartphone with Google (droid based) is light years ahead of the BMW system. No touch screen? Even the nav I had on my older Honda Ridgeline had a touch screen. Can't give a voice command for a store or hotel - instead you have to have the street address. For example, with Google on my smartphone, I can say "Best Buy" and bingo, it will bring up the closest Best Buy stores to my current location.

It is a mess, plain and simple. Still haven't figured out how to send Google maps to the vehicle, but I think that is because the systems are anti-Droid and only iPhone compatible. If I am wrong, please correct me. (I tried BMW Office thing and there's nothing there).

I drive a lot for work and have resorted to using my phone when I get close to a destination because the voice interface works.

The other pain I have with the system, but this is typical of nav systems, is that they will often seek the shortest route in miles, not the most efficient - leading me through back roads and neighborhoods to shave a tenth of a mile off a journey by not staying on a main road. I feel bad for people that live in these once quiet neighborhoods who now have to deal with random cars driving through because some NAV mapping system deemed their street is a quick shortcut.

I wouldn't pay for a map upgrade.