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Originally Posted by carlili4190 View Post
I think all grills on US spec X3's are silver no matter of what packages they have. I think only the diesel models have black grills...

I'm probably wrong on some level but thats how it works according to my knowledge.
Hm, not sure. we have a 2013 x3 28i with the sports activity package, and our grill is black...which I happen to like as it looks bad arse in a white car. previous discussions here indicated that all 4 cyl engines in europe/UK used black grilles, with the 6 cyl models using silver grills.

but for the current production cycle, who knows. folks are reporting that the factory "ran out" of the 307 style wheels that come standard on the 28i, and are thus delivering x28i with the 308 style that otherwise is standard on the 35i. note that the OP's x3 28i has the 308 style wheels.
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