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Originally Posted by Kiernan View Post
Auto hold is something that's not fitted to manual X3's so I don't know much about it, other than to sat that as far as I'm aware, I don't have it on my car. Does. it automatically the handbrake, and then release it when you move off?
Yes the Auto Hold automatically applies the handbrake when you stop, and releases it when you press the accelerator to drive off. Also works with the Stop/Start system so you don't have to keep on the brake pedal while stopped.
I think the X3 brochure is wrong- because it says Hill Start Assist is only on the 30d and above- but it should say Auto Hold

If the X3 20d manual gearbox auto releases the handbrake when you drive off then I would say that is Hill Start Assist. Do you have a button labelled 'Auto H' next to the parking sensor button?