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Originally Posted by am36 View Post
Phil - do you think that this would definitely apply to the 2.0d (i.e. the handbrake has nothing to do with the HSA and auto hold)? So if i'm reading this correctly (please bear with me....)

Driving up a steep hill, stop at the traffic lights, into neutral and press hand brake button to hold car. To set off, put it into gear and drop the clutch, leaving the hand brake button alone? The car then deals with the hand brake (i'm not used to all this technology!).

If so, this sounds spot on and my shoulders are feeling lighter already!

Could be bad news- I eventually dug out my owners manual, it says-
Manual Gearbox- Press the switch with brake or clutch pressed.
Auto Press the switch with the brake pressed or gearbox in Park

Automatic Release for Automatic Gearbox- Operate the accelerator pedal to automatically release.

So I guess with a manual gearbox in a hilly area you'll be pushing and pulling the Parking Brake button a fair number of times.

Yet another reason to get the Auto Box

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