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Electromechanical parking brake (manual gearbox models)


Have tried searching the forum for a specific answer to my query with no luck so here goes...

Impatiently waiting for the car to be shipped - I'm reading all of the threads that catch my eye - great info! Anyway...

I live in an area with really steep roads (up to 1 in 3) so am a little concerned about the parking brake fitted to the X3. With a traditional handbrake, setting off on a steep hill, you put the car into gear, get the clutch biting with a good dose of revs and then slowly release the handbrake. Jobs a goodun'.

In the X3, I assume that you do the same but just press the button down at the time you have the clutch biting? or does it sense the incline and put some auto hold on the brake? If its the former, do you feel under control or do you have to add a few more revs etc?

Anyone with a manual transmission out there that can help? Cheers.
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